Awareness Events 

These high profile events introduced the Defining Moment Campaign to P.E.O.s, BILs, alumnae, local philanthropists and friends. Local volunteers, assisted by the Campaign team, handled the entire event— planning from location to invitations to selecting local hosts.

Event locations were determined by pinpointing areas with the highest levels of Cottey support: students, alumnae, P.E.O. Chapters, scholarships, and current contributors. Once the location was determined the Awareness Committee identified potential hosts and active supporters in the area. Whenever Awareness Events were scheduled, P.E.O.s, BILs, alumnae, and friends were included.

The Individual Gifts Committee would then recruit and train volunteers for the event. Over 130 volunteers were coordinated to make each event a success.The Donor Committee was responsible for helping to develop and vet the invitation lists for these events. Whether guests were drawn to the event because of the venue, from the Wrigley Mansion to the Webster House, or just out of curiosity, it didn’t matter. They all left with a greater knowledge of Cottey, a deeper appreciation for the mission of the College, and a passion to help with the Defining Moment Campaign by whatever means they could.

The enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers and supporters reflected the leadership of Dr. Rogers, Barbara Andes, and Carla Farmer. “We never had an issue with ego and there were no complainers. It was one for all and all for Cottey,” said Barbara Andes.