Cottey Alumnae

Because Cottey alumnae are already active members in their communities and strong leaders who love exploring new ideas and treading in uncharted territory, it is no surprise that they showed up in full force for the Defining Moment Campaign.

At Cottey, young women build lifelong friendships that continue to grow as their lives change and opportunities scatter them across the globe. It is easy to see the impact that Cottey has on young women, and to see years later, how the Cottey experience has shaped who these women have become. The alumnae have met their goal of raising $2 million during the Campaign and will have the distinct honor of naming the renovated Neale Hall building.

In addition, visitors to the College will enjoy the Daisy Pavers that were given in recognition of alumnae and class contributions to the Campaign at the $5,000 level and up.