Faculty & Staff

Cottey College is a vibrant community where professors are not only experts in their fields but are experts at building relationships with students. If the student doesn’t show up for class, for example, it is not out of the ordinary for the instructor to follow up with a personal phone call to make sure everything is okay. Encouragement and support are not just talked about in the classroom, but demonstrated in the halls.

Faculty and staff alike are completely dedicated to creating a learning, living, and leadership environment for every student. Students find their voice, passion, and character at Cottey College. They often do this through the help of a faculty member who spends extra time to help them understand a subject or through a staff member who comforts them in a time of need.

So in asking these individuals to also donate money to the Campaign, the Faculty Staff Committee learned the true dedication of the campus community. After first setting the goal at $75,000, the committee decided to establish a stretch goal of $100,000. The faculty and staff contributed a total of $207,175.66.